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About us

Christiane Niemann


Managing director

Musical director Voices of Joy


Vocal Coach

The agency Clapping Hands was founded in 1998 by Detlev Dederichs and Christiane Niemann. Both having previous touring and performing experience with the gospel group "The Acappellas" throughout Germany and France. Since 1995 Detlev Dederichs, while functioning as tour and event manager, has accumulated extensive knowledge and road experience. Christiane Niemann having founded the Voices of Joy gospel choir has directed and performed as a vocalist in over 100 performances a year, spanning a 3 year period all under the management and organisation of Clapping Hands. With the help of established choreographers, singers, directors and various performers a solid team has emerged, able to provide show concepts and acts for exhibitions, hotels and gala events. Between the years 2012-2014, one of Clapping Hands‘ main focus was on the artist management, concert and tour booking and show creation for Marla Glen. All of this with versitility and creavity, care and with the mind set and attitude that there is a solution for every problem and situation. We know what is important for the artists and never losing sight of the interests of the customer. Our intensive cooperation and good communication have been conducted ever to a successful outcome. That is why we pay special attention to the small details and a team of people who represent the same attitude and with whom we are closely associated. So Annette Brüggemann has become part of our team - with her long and varied experience in the field of management, media and cultural sector and the public relations and marketing. With her creative expertise, she advises people with talk show appearances, cared for artistic projects and accompanying book projects from beginning to end.

Detlev Dederichs


Managing director

Event manager

Tour manager

Instructor (IHK)


We work in close coorperation with:

Annette Brüggemann


Annette Brüggemann, author and presenter, has been consulting and managing authors as Special Agent, as well in the fields of PR and marketing - including Christopher Patrick Peterka, Richard David Precht and Julia Shaw - since 2009. More references: Gideon Böss, Christian Felber, Jón Gnarr, Willy Ketzer, Steinunn Sigurdardóttir and Marina Weisband. She worked as cultural journalist (Print, Radio, TV) for more than ten years including six years as presenter for a radio music magazine (WDR 5). She produced the philosophical WDR-TV-column "Precht" and the DVD "Love - an untidy feeling" with Richard David Precht. She is a book critic for the Deutschlandfunk and moderates literature events. As author she creates documentary films and radio features. Her literary texts and artistic radio work have received several awards. Annette Brüggemann lives in Cologne.


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